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General Information

Who can participate in the project?

What do volunteers do?

  • Young adults seeking a meaningful volunteer exchange experience;

  • Students aiming to develop professionally in healthcare or social services fields;

  • Anyone interested in experiencing Israeli culture while making a difference in society.

General Information

  • Volunteers must be between 18 and 60 years old.

  • Intermediate to advanced English proficiency is required (conversational level).

  • The volunteer helps five days a week, totaling 35 to 40 hours per week.

  • There are 2 programs available: one for a 3-month participation period (non-extendable), and another for those wishing to stay between 8 months and 1 year.

  • Daily responsibilities of volunteers vary based on the placement, all within the scope of social services.

  • No previous experience or skills in this area are required, as all necessary training will be provided on-site.

  • Personal Support - Personal mentoring, accompanying individuals in outdoor activities.

  • Assisting in Group Activities - Supporting staff in group activities such as vocational rehabilitation workshops, crafts and leisure activities, and trips.

  • Assisting in Daily Activities - Helping with daily activities and care within the facilities.

What is offered to volunteers?

Offered through IB Social:

  • Assistance in securing a position at one of the partner institutions, project preparation, assistance with obtaining the volunteer visa, and support with flights/insurance, along with ongoing program support.

Provided by the Israeli social institution:

  • Adequate accommodation

  • Monthly stipend

  • Meals

  • Two days off per week

Let's make a difference?

Contact us to learn more or apply through the website.

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