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Volunteer Project in Israel

Every year, Israel welcomes over 1,000 people from around the world to volunteer in the country's social service institutions.


It's an excellent opportunity to explore a new culture, learn about the rich history of this country, and by participating in volunteer work in Israel, you'll be contributing to society by dedicating your time to helping others. In return, this experience will add growth and maturity, developing skills that can be highly valuable both personally and professionally.

Volunteers are integrated into comprehensive care centers for adults and children with special needs, assisting the local teams in providing the best possible service.

Volunteer positions are available across a wide network of social service institutions dedicated to helping children, serving the elderly, assisting individuals with autism or physical and cognitive disabilities, at-risk youth, Holocaust survivors, and others.

"To be a volunteer is more than we imagine; it is dedicating oneself to helping others without expecting anything in return."

What do volunteers do?

  • Personal Support - Personal mentoring, accompanying individuals in outdoor activities.

  • Assisting in Group Activities - Supporting staff in group activities such as vocational rehabilitation workshops, crafts and leisure activities, and trips.

  • Assisting in Daily Activities - Helping with daily activities and care within the facilities.

Our Mission

A volunteer project in Israel fits my profile?

If you want to do something meaningful and have an experience to carry with you for a lifetime, if you want to work, learn, or even specialize in working with adults and children with special needs; if you want to be integrated into a young, professional, and dynamic team, and if you want to explore a beautiful, sunny, ancient country full of stories like Israel, then yes, this project fits exactly your profile.

Do you want to be part of this successful team?

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