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Terms and Conditions of IB Social

Voluntary Placement Agreement


The following terms and conditions apply to the agreement entered into between IB Social, Company registered in Brazil, Registration number CNPJ 32.386.292 / 0001-39 and the voluntary applicant whose details appear above and in the online application form (referred to as the "Volunteer" below).


The Volunteer is registered online on the IB Social platform requesting a vacancy for one of the projects coordinated by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Service, Division of Overseas Volunteers,


IB Social confirms that it has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the services in a professional manner.


IB Social will mediate the registration of the Volunteer for voluntary work in Israel with the Ministry and the institution for which the Volunteer will be accepted.


The Volunteer confirms that he / she has read the conditions and requirements of the Israeli Social Ministry for acceptance into the volunteer program ( and is aware that such conditions and requirements may be changed from time to time without prior notice.


The Volunteer understands that the program of the Social Ministry of Israel provides several institutions in various social areas to carry out voluntary work. The volunteer may have a preference for one of the social activities, but if there is no availability, he / she can participate in another social area / institution that needs the Volunteer.


IB Social does not guarantee that Volunteer requests for an Israeli visa and / or for voluntary work will be accepted by the Israeli authorities or by any institution.


The IB Social confirms that it will assist the volunteer in correctly completing the documentation of the application for voluntary work and voluntary visa for the Israeli authorities.


The volunteer acknowledges that IB Social is not responsible for compliance with any commitments or responsibilities of the Ministry and / or Institution regarding the Volunteer.


The volunteer is aware that missionary activity (preaching of any religion) is illegal in Israel and undertakes to comply with all applicable Israeli laws. Failure to comply with this clause will result in immediate dismissal and possible departure or repatriation at the expense of the Volunteer.


The volunteer is aware that certain behaviors may result in immediate dismissal and possible departure or repatriation at the expense of the Volunteer. These include: drug use; drinking in excess; physical, mental or sexual abuse.


The volunteer confirms that he / she has been informed of the obligation to take out travel insurance in advance with a minimum coverage of USD 50,000 for the entire period he / she wishes to volunteer and is not able to purchase part-time insurance or insurance with a deductible payment for activation. He / She further confirms that failure to contract and purchase travel insurance valid up to 10 days prior to the travel date will result in non-acceptance of the volunteer.

While IB Social uses its best efforts as above, in case of cancellation at the request of the Volunteer or in case the placement of the volunteer in the institution is not effected, the following cancellation policy ( is applicable to the refund of any money paid by the volunteer.


In no case will IB Social assume any liability for any indirect damages or consequent of its maximum liability, in any case, will not exceed the cost of the individual service administrative fee paid by the Volunteer.


I hereby confirm my acceptance of the above terms and conditions and undertake to act upon them.

Cancellation and Refund Policy


The following cancellation and redemption terms will apply to the Voluntary Placement Agreement ("Agreement") between IB Social and the Volunteer.

1. The Volunteer has the right to cancel the Agreement with IB Social at any time by sending a written notification to IB Social (including e-mail). In case of cancellation, the volunteer will not be entitled to a refund of the administrative fee payment except in the case below (if applicable):


1.1 If the cancellation is due to serious illness, accident or death of a Volunteer or immediate family member, no administration fee will be charged, subject to the presentation of satisfactory medical documentation and support;


2.0 The IB Social will have the right to cancel the Contract in the following circumstances and, in such case, the Volunteer will not have demands or claims against IB Social, except to receive the amount of the refund

2.1. If IB Social is unable to guarantee a placement for the Volunteer within 6 months from the date of submission of the documentation and observing the chosen start date.

3.0 The Israeli Ministry of Interior's visa department has the right at any time to request additional documents proving the applicant's ties with the country of origin and to make sure that the volunteer does not intend to live in Israel after the volunteer period and The Ministry of Interior also has the right to approve or deny a volunteer visa application. If a visa is denied or even after examination of additional documents the voluntary visa is not approved by the Israeli government, no refund will be made.

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